Crisis Readiness

It’s a matter of when, not if.

DRUM helps organisations prepare for an organisational crisis through the DRUM Crisis Readiness System.


We have three products to help your crisis team be prepared for the worst:

DRUM Foundation Crisis Management Skills & Simulation Workshop

We put your organisation through a bespoke digital crisis simulation where we blur the line between fiction and fact.  You will be put through your paces like never before, with replica news reports, social media reaction and internal friction.  You’ll learn our ten DRUM crisis principles and we’ll show real life case studies of those who handled crisis well, and those who didn’t.

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DRUM 2 Page Plan

Often the only crisis plan you’ve got sits in a ring binder on a shelf and is so detailed it gets ignored under pressure of a crisis.  On two pages we articulate how your crisis committee should come together and behave when a crisis occurs.  It’s a simple document that never gets ignored when the pressure is felt and the stakes are high.

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DRUM 60 Minute Simulation Subscription

Up to three times a year, we’ll provide a video that will give your crisis committee the chance to practise their crisis readiness.  This product works well to continue the momentum following a Skills & Simulation Workshop.

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We also put on New Zealand’s only crisis conference

CrisisX: The Readiness Conference

Where we merge our world leading simulation system with speakers who have been through crisis and come out the other side.  You learn from the best, then get an opportunity to practise it first-hand.

More information on CrisisX

Visit the website, or for more information on our DRUM Crisis Readiness System, email [email protected]