adidas Statement Collection

When adidas landed its latest statement collection, we were briefed for both New Zealand and Australian launches – each with a unique twist.

For New Zealand, we hosted a bespoke wellbeing workshop, fit with a fight and flow workout; beauty, relaxation and nutrition workshops; and ambassador content shoot.

Meanwhile, the Australian team wanted to tackle the brief slightly differently, with a digitally-led first for their market.  Their brief was to host workouts and interactive wellness content through Facebook and Instagram live platforms with adidas Ambassadors. The idea was to give the launch the biggest audience possible, and to allow that audience to see the Stella McCartney collection in action.

Vogue Australia and The Iconic had exclusive access to stream live sessions through Instagram and Facebook. We built a special set in a Sydney studio, which let us display the collection and logo within the workout space. Trainer and ambassador Tanya Poppett hosted sessions with other adidas ambassadors. That created a series, so audiences could ‘tune back in’ over the course of the month. Instagram and Facebook live content was recorded in real time, with all the risks that go along with that.

As well as the live filming, we worked with the videographer to make content for host/creator Tanya Poppett’s platforms, adidas Australia and The Iconic. We also had an assistant filming b-cam footage for Instagram Highlight use. A total of eleven b-cam edits were made and distributed to The Iconic and adidas Australia for various platforms.

The launch footage reached a whopping 13 million people. As well as Vogue Australia, stories were picked up by outlets including GRAZIA and Women’s Health. The most successful live stream was on the adidas AU Instagram with almost 15 thousand Instagram users tuning in during the 10-minute session.

We over-delivered with KPIs and successfully achieved a digital campaign launch – an adidas first.