ANZ Self Service

Learning new skills can be overwhelming for anyone. Add to that the ever-increasing technology gap between the generations and it becomes a big issue. ANZ came to us with a large group of customers 55+ who needed education on how to service their banking online and make sure they were doing it safely.

Traditional media placements alone weren’t going to cut it. We needed a nationwide lesson in how to bank online, delivered in an easy-to-understand way, that wouldn’t embarrass people. We also needed a voice that people would instinctively trust and listen to and a platform designed to reach as many of our 55+ as possible. Enter Mark Sainsbury and TVNZ.

We took the key lessons ANZ wanted to share and turned them into a series presented by the moustache himself – Mark – that then played out during commercial time as 30” spots. Content was contextually placed in the breaks of shows they over-indexed in such as the news and Coronation Street.

The result? A content series that viewers loved, that generated impressive enjoyability and brand recognition scores for the bank plus more!