Lotto Home for Christmas

Lotto New Zealand embarked on a special campaign, to bring a smile to even the biggest Christmas Grinch.

Kiwis are a nation of travellers and many of us have loved ones who live overseas. We tapped into that truth and began with a plan to get people imagining they could spend Christmas with their far-away loved ones, playing into Lotto New Zealand’s ‘imagine’ brand proposition. We created a competition where a family member could win the chance to bring someone special home for Christmas and surprise the rest of the family.

To make it work, we needed entries. To let people know it was happening, the Lotto New Zealand website, social media pages and app all featured the competition. We sent out an EDM and online advertisements.

Once we found our winners, we had to make the reunions happen. Two beautiful families were both surprised with someone special coming home for Christmas. Arranging it and keeping it all a secret was a tricky job for the Drum elves, but it was worth it when we pulled together the heart-warming experience and campaign videos.

Finally, we had to get as many eyes as possible on those videos. They went online, featured in the Lotto New Zealand draw, and were placed in holiday-themed TV segments during Christmas movies and in cinema. The feedback online was full of people saying it had brought them to tears, and many imagining what it would be like to spend Christmas with their own far-away loved ones. Maybe they’ll win next year.