Seventh Generation Launch

Seventh Generation is a global company that makes eco-friendly cleaning products, which they wanted to launch in New Zealand – their first market outside North America.

They came to us for help creating a campaign to not only introduce consumers to the products, but also to show them first, these eco products actually work and secondly, that the company is serious about looking after the environment.

First, we worked with the PHD team to make sure the above the line campaign had prime placement for the launch period. We then arranged online video and influencer content to run at the same time to add credibility and prove the efficacy of the product. We hand-picked influencers with a health and wellness focus, and they delivered total impressions of almost 250k. We also seeded product with other influencers and top-tier media.

Once we had introduced the product to Kiwis, we wanted to really drive home the environmental message. Partnering with eco-charity Million Metres supported Seventh Generation’s mission to make a tangible local difference.  As its name suggests, the charity is aiming to restore a million metres of waterways in New Zealand. Seventh Generation took on one of the organisation’s projects, the regeneration of the Rangihoua wetland on Waiheke Island. They pledged to help raise the $50k needed. We partnered with Mediaworks and well-known Kiwi eco-warrior comedian Madeleine Sami to announce this to the country over launch week.

Finally, the launch event. Iconic Kiwi artist Flox created three beautiful artworks for us in the heart of Britomart, adding to them every time someone donated to the Rangihoua project, while we introduced both the products and the project to the public. The artworks have since been auctioned, contributing to our fundraising goal for the project.

This launch not only successfully introduced Seventh Generation to the Kiwi market but also ensured they will have a lasting impact on the environment for (seven) generations to come.