Suits NZ

Lightbox owns the exclusive latest series of SUITS every season, and this time they wanted us to promote it to Kiwi audiences.

Selling Harvey Spector? Easiest job in PR! But there was a catch.

Lightbox may have the first run of Suits Season 7, and be the only place to see every season made to date, but big global company Netflix had seasons 1 – 6 too and would get season 7 at the end of the year. Lightbox wanted to do something different to tell viewers they were the only place to watch brand new episodes of Suits. They also wanted us to give the promo a distinct Kiwi flavour, something that could set it aside from an international brand like Netflix.

SUITS is a fast-paced, glossy show featuring beautiful people at the cutting edge of the legal profession in New York. Which got us wondering, what if it was set in New Zealand? What if we had a bit of self-deprecating fun with it? It’d be more like a crumbling office above a row of shops, than corner offices overlooking Manhattan. Not so much settling multi-million dollar lawsuits, as notarising passports. We brought the comparison to life and made three 30 second trailers for “SUITS NZ”.

Dom Harvey at The Edge announced the idea, and then we rolled out one video a week in the lead up to SUITS release date. To ensure brand recognition, the Lightbox watermark was present throughout, and established Lightbox voice talent was used. It was slick enough to get US studio approval, but also deliberately amateurish enough to carry the joke.

Facebook lit up. We fulfilled all the campaign’s aims – and it was the number one show for launch month, and we surpassed viewership goals by 10%. The easy option would have been to just buy advertising. Creating local promos designed to talk to specifically to Kiwis was a risk but New Zealanders like feeling special enough for bespoke content. And no matter how you look at it, it worked.