Toni & Guy Haircare

Toni & Guy was started by teenage brothers in London, who established themselves as the fashion industry’s choice for hair styling products. The brand has a great reputation in Britain and is aligned with some of the world’s top designers.  But in New Zealand, we only knew of Toni & Guy as a small salon in Ponsonby.

Our brief was to launch Toni & Guy’s new haircare brand T&G into NZ supermarkets. As a relatively unknown brand that was more expensive than other supermarket brands, this was a tall order.

For women, hair and fashion are both key ingredients to looking good on a night out. But the way they were buying clothes and hair products was in complete contrast. While they were spending whole days looking for the right ‘piece’ to complete an outfit look they were taking seconds to grab whatever the cheapest hair care option was.

One of the most fun categories had become a commodity, and thus inspired our strategy to behave like a fashion brand: we worked with aspirational NZ fashion retailers to re-position T&G as a premium fashion product, not just a shampoo and conditioner.

We needed early adopters and fashionistas to get behind this launch, so we played on their existing love for British fashion trends.

We partnered with three key retail fashion brands: Superette, PIA Boutique and Zoe & Morgan – and co-created looks where a T&G styling product was used to create a hairstyle matching fashion outfits inspired by British trends. We turned these looks into T&G brand assets that were amplified across point of sale displays within each retailer.

Then we brought those looks and the trends from London Fashion Week directly to our target market through NZ’s most influential fashion and beauty bible, VIVA, in a ‘never been done before’ Best of British T&G issue

Once we had established our fashion creds with NZ’s fashion circles, we amplified the looks and launched T&G to a broader audience through street posters in key fashion precincts, digital media, TV, beauty magazines and social.

This campaign delivered the most successful launch of T&G into a new market anywhere in the world. Sales exceeded expectation and since launch, where distributed, T&G in NZ has the highest share in the world.