TRESemmé 365

When you walk down the beauty aisle of the supermarket, there’s very little that stands out. Similar shaped bottles, similar brand promises and similar price promotions.

TRESemmé is a salon brand that makes popular styling products, but they weren’t standing out from their competitors. What’s worse, the number of competitors was on the rise. We needed to help TRESemmé to win back market share.

The other issue TRESemmé was facing is NZ women are notorious for ‘sleep styling’. That means consistently reusing the same old hair styles. We needed to show Kiwi women that coming up with new, sleek hairstyles wasn’t just a special occasion thing, to inspire them to try more TRESemmé products.

Our solution was to find one Kiwi girl, and challenge her to break her ‘sleep styling’ habits and have great hair every day for 365 days. We used a TRESemmé stylist to give her some hints and products. She documented her hair adventures on Instagram daily, as well as in print, in an online hub including how to videos, and on radio.

The result was plenty of good hair days, and some good sales days too – TREsemmé saw a massive 15% increase in market share for the styling category. The campaign also picked up 5 awards, including Gold for Branded Content at the 2015 CAANZ Beacon Awards