We fill our building with people who are plugged into culture

Drum is full of thinkers, creators, storytellers and makers.

Our talent are a different breed and are trained in the arts of gaining and keeping an audience’s attention. We are advocates for your business and an extension of your team.


Katie Walton

General Manager

Known for her calm nature, enthusiastic hand gestures, and extensive industry smarts, Katie has been with us for over ten years (ok there was a small break in the middle) and we don’t know what we would do without her. Katie has a wanderlust which takes her on amazing journeys around the globe but she’s equally happy at home with her partner and cats on idyllic Waiheke Island.


Cassidy Meredith

Managing Partner

It might have been Cass who penned the saying ‘if you don’t have a competitive advantage you’re not competing.’ but then again we aren’t sure when he would have found time to put pen to paper in between furious sessions of touch, playing for multiple sports teams, his large extended family, and managing his strong-minded and passionate all female work team. Whoever it was, we are certain this phrase perfectly sums up Cassidy’s approach to everything he does.


Aimee Nicholls

Head of Agency Development

This action woman knows how to get things done, if she’s not smashing out a killer presentation or jetting off to a client meeting across the ditch, she can be found listening to her favourite tunes on her way to an early morning pilates class or hovering around desks looking for treats to nibble on.


James Davidson

Group Planning Director

James, our Group Planning Director, is no stranger to DRUM. During this time, James had delivered a wide variety of outstanding award winning work for many well known brands such as Genesis, Spark, ANZ and more. One thing he prides himself in is his ability to translate high level strategic and creative ideas into actionable media plans that can be seamlessly brought to life. Outside of his work life, James is an avid football player, and watcher, and has two wonderful children that take up his weekends.


Huia Ngapo

Group Account Director

Huia has worked across varied business industries and is known as a wearer of many hats. Creative, strategic and a passionate make-things-happener, she operates with a good dose of humour. An avid foodie and traveller, Huia spends her free time going on outdoor adventures with her young son and dog, or moonlighting as a Ponsonby local at the newest eatery (when she really lives in West Auckland).


Felicity Hopkinson

Social & Content Creative Director

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission is the motto that Felicity lives by, and it’s probably what you would expect from a creative director too. Impulsive, fearless and a rule breaker, Fizz knows how to make an idea go from good to great. In her spare time, she loves a good sleep in, chilling with her nephew and claims to be a good cook which is something the entire agency is still yet to experience.


Amber Young

Account Director

Often described as the office entertainer or the girl who knows everyone, Amber is bound to put a smile on your face. Outside of work she’s busy buying tools she doesn’t know how to use and making amends to her recently bought home. Aside from this, her other passions include talking to people about baby boy Sika, AKA her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Amber is an asset to any project she works on.


Heidi Thompson

Senior Account Director

Happy to be here, easy to work with, plus a big helping of creativity are Heidi’s guiding principles. An avid traveller, Heidi come’s with a wealth of life experiences, from babysitting rescue bears in Croatia to sleeping in vineyards in Champagne.


Lauren McCarthy

Account Director

If there was an individual that you wanted to pick to join your team, Lauren would be, for many, the one. This self-professed introvert is as silent as they come but has no problem in making noise for her clients. A stickler for detail, this silent assassin will deliver exceptional results – on budget, on time, and will push the boundaries to get the best results. Outside of being a great vegetarian cook, she’s online every day trying to find the perfect fur baby to join the family and is open to suggestions being sent her way.


Lucy Orr

Senior Account Manager

Known for living in the moment, her beetroot salad and contagious smile, Lucy loves a challenge and always strives to achieve the best result for her clients. Every morning you’ll catch Lucy sweating it out at F45, sipping her secret green smoothie recipe and making her very necessary almond flat white.


Aleisha Cadman

Social & Content Manager

Friendly, smiley and full of enthusiasm. A lover of all things social, when she’s not online, Aleisha can be found enjoying a pinot noir, trying out the newest eatery, catching up with the girls, and cuddling her dog – all while listening to some J. Cole.

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