Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy

Ben & Jerry’s provided us with one of our most delicious projects to date: launching their new non-dairy range in New Zealand.

Our challenge? Convince vegan and non-dairy Kiwis that this ice cream is just as delicious as regular ice cream.

We hand-picked media and influencers, and hand-packed them a delicious sample. But first, we contacted them to give them a heads up that something yummy was coming their way. This made sure they were ready to receive their delivery while it was still frozen, but also opened up lines of communication to make sure the deliveries turned into PR coverage.

Forty media kits were delivered through Auckland and Hamilton, creating hype through the niche vegan and dairy-free audience. They each got a pint of hand-scooped peanut butter and cookies ice cream, a vegan layered pint cake recipe, and vouchers to try the rest of the range.

For our soft launch we secured seven pieces of top-tier editorial and 28 social features. Our target was to reach 250,000 people, but we turned that into more than 3,000,000. Proof that Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream is everything… but the cow!