Hallenstein Brothers – Live In Denim

Hallenstein Brothers has had a glow up. With refreshed style creds and a whole new denim range including popular fits like Dad and Baggy, they needed our help in shifting brand perception toward becoming the first choice for affordable, quality men’s fashion.

But young guys in NZ and across the ditch are an audience of reluctant shoppers who actively avoid ads. So, we needed to be clever with where we placed our messaging. Cue: TikTok and Instagram. 

We searched the landscape and crunched the numbers to find the most engaging, authentic and influential Instagrammers and TikTok content creators in the Southern Hemisphere. An in-depth analysis to understand the true reach and engagement of each influencer, what type of influence they have and what brands they align themselves with, led us to shoulder-tap 6 partners, each a perfect fit for the Hallenstein Brothers brand.

We briefed each partner to bring humour, fun and fashion credentials to the campaign, giving them the creative freedom to drive hype for Hallensteins denim in their own voice and style, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive sentiment, brand engagement and an upswing in sales across the new Denim range.

While some creators posted multiple pieces of content across a range of outputs, including Instagram feed posts, Stories and TikToks throughout the 2-week period, others maximised their best performing channel during the campaign with 1 or 2 outputs on one platform. 

This approach gave us multiple touch points to reach our target audience, creating a compounding effect. Hallenstein Brothers Live In Denim wasn’t missed.

With a total reach of 1,579,442 and 1,775,543 impressions, our partners’ authentic, fit-for-purpose content saw engagement rates rise well above industry benchmarks.

Not only was the product integrated in each piece of content naturally, tying together other fashion products and styling with seasonal outfits, we watched as our audience’s perception of the brand changed from aware to inspired. Not bad, guys. Not bad at all.