Lotto Imagine

Have you ever made a deal with a friend to split a Powerball win 50-50?

 It’s a guaranteed conversation starter, and often starts many debates and conversations around the dinner table.

The question that usually follows it: Imagine what you would do if you did win?

Lotto New Zealand has been using “Imagine” as a creative platform for the past three years – imagine what you would do, imagine the freedom and time you would get back with friends and family.

Lotto NZ challenged us to bring to life their latest Imagine campaign – two mates in a security van introducing the idea of splitting your winnings – for the rest of New Zealand. It was a cracker piece of creative for us to build on.

We came up with a three-stage plan. First up, endorsement. Get well-known

Kiwis and their best friends to reveal whether they’d share the win – and how they’d do so. Next, activation and sampling. Ask Kiwis around the country the same question on an epic tour right around New Zealand. And create some great content off the back of our nationwide expedition.

Mediaworks partnered with us to provide some well-known Kiwis to kickstart the conversation – and shout about it across their channels. Then we headed to regional New Zealand with the Powerball Imagine Caravan.

The campaign was launched through a media partnership with Mediaworks. We were on the AM Show, Newshub, Seven Days and The Edge – firing up the conversation across three days. Then we asked famous Kiwis like Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore, and Married At First Sight’s Brett and Angel, whether they’d share their winnings.  After posing the question to the pairs, they had to secretly write their answer on a whiteboard before revealing it simultaneously.

Then we pimped a retro caravan out in Powerball branding, took it all over NZ and asked Kiwis whether they’d go 50-50 in a Powerball win.  If both said yes, they were entered into the draw to win $10,000 worth of travel to share. We gave away Powerball tickets and spot prizes. There were some real gems from all the country. And everyone who joined in gave us some genuinely funny and heart-warming stories, which we then shared across social.

Everyone loved it. The campaign got great numbers online, overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the regions got right behind it.

As an added bonus, we’re now all clear on where we stand with our friends and family if we win Powerball this week.