Reebok Confidence Unleashed

Reebok may be a huge international brand, but it’s always lacked a real presence in the Kiwi market.

They came to us wanting to rectify that. Reebok needed to showcase what the brand stands for: strength, skill, confidence and female empowerment.

There were a few initial issues. Reebok doesn’t have standalone stores here, customers didn’t know what the brand stands for, and there’s already lots of sportswear in the Kiwi market.

Yoga classes, group runs, and boot camps have been completely overdone by other brands. So, to make Reebok stand out, our solution was to create New Zealand’s biggest-ever self-defence class for women: ‘Confidence Unleashed’. The class was in partnership with White Ribbon Day, an internationally recognised charity that aims to eliminate violence against women. In a country with some of the worst domestic violence statistics in the world, a self-defence class was the perfect way to connect with Kiwi women. The concept was Power in Numbers.

To front the class, we needed someone well-known, empowered, confident, strong and most importantly, Kiwi.  Luckily, we found the perfect candidate in kick-arse Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell, who jumped on a plane home from LA to take part. Reebok was the first sportswear brand to partner with Zoe, a relationship that continues today. Zoe announced the class on her social media, and her visit was covered 26 times in local media. Confidence Unleashed was everywhere.

For the class itself, we brought in a team of qualified self-defence teachers. They even provided free follow-up training sessions to all the attendees. Post-class, everyone had the opportunity to meet Zoe in front of a branded Rebook wall. This ensured maximum coverage on social media.

Attendees left with their Confidence Unleashed, and Reebok’s Kiwi journey is now well underway.